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Welcome to The Vastum Group. We have over 15 year's experience providing businesses across the UK, Ireland and the Isle of Wight washroom services and hygiene supplies.

It’s important for businesses to make sure their premises are suitable enough for anyone that visits including staff, customers and clients. Washrooms are used on a day to day basis by large numbers of people so ensuring they have adequate supplies as well as being hygienic is vital. Our washroom solutions will help ensure your business meets the high standards of your employees, customers and clients.

We supply a full range of hygiene supplies and products for washrooms including sanitary bins, air fresheners, soap dispensers, sanitisers, nappy disposal bins, multi-vend units and cleaning chemicals.

At The Vastum Group we believe in making a place of work a safe and hygienic environment for all. We are fully committed to providing our full range of services to clients across the UK & Ireland. Whether you need a regular supply of toilet tissue, bin liners, soap dispensers, or automatic air fresheners, we have the necessary solutions to ensure your washrooms are kept in top condition. Our experience has allowed us to build a reputation as one of the UK’s and Ireland’s leading suppliers. Our experience, success and long-established presence in the industry has allowed us to work with some of the UK’s leading retailers. 

Providing Sanitary Bin Services and Hygiene Supplies across the UK & Ireland 

We have a growing network of contractors across the UK ready to supply your business with quality hygiene products to keep your washroom up to standard. At the Vastum Group we pride ourselves on being professional, reliable and efficient. Our trusted contractors based across the UK including Scotland, Manchester, the North East, London and the South East will meet your requirements in order to support the smooth running of your business operations.

Our dedication to supporting businesses and delivering on their expectations allow us to main our reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of washroom hygiene supplies and services. For more information about the full range of washroom services we have available, please get in touch on 01638 815464 or email We will be more than happy to answer any enquiries you have regarding our services.

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