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High tech confidential waste shredding machinery
  • Confidential Waste

We all have very good reasons to ensure that our personal and confidential information is disposed of securely.

At home, many people shred their unwanted post or old bills before recycling the paper or reusing it.

We offer the following services for Confidential Waste Disposal:

  • Secure shredding services for disposal of your confidential waste
  • Regular, scheduled collections - daily, weekly, monthly, annual
  • One off confidential waste collections also available
  • Range of confidential waste cabinets, bins and containers
  • Certificate of destruction issued as proof
  • All paper is baled and recycled
  • Compliance with environmental and data protection legislation

Your confidential waste will either be shredded on site, in one of our mobile shredding vehicles, or we will transport your confidential waste in a tracked vehicle to one of our destruction centres.

Then your shredded confidential waste will be baled and recycled into new paper and tissue products.

To make things as easy as possible for you, you don't need to remove paper from files or folders, or remove plastic wallets or staples.

Our high tech confidential waste shredding machinery will cope with lever arch files, paper clips and staples.

As part of your confidential waste shredding service contract, we provide you with an account management service and full environmental reporting along with a full audit trail for accountability.

Our simple and completely secure confidential waste shredding service ensures that all of your confidential material is disposed of in compliance with the Data Protection Act and BSEN 15713 security shredding standard.

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