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Safe and secure storage of nappy waste
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Are you tired of foul smelling odours coming from your nappy bins? Then we have just the solution for you

People are often cautious of where they can change their baby when they’re away from the home. A clean & well maintained parent and baby room, with a hygienic nappy disposal unit, can help to reduce this apprehension.

Nappy Bin Disposal Service

The nappy waste disposal service we provide is a modern, stylish, high-capacity bin with a hidden liner which ensures the liner is not visible from outside the unit.

An integrated pedal for hands-free operation provides your visitors with a convenient and hygienic means to dispose of used nappies whilst enabling both hands to be free to deal with the child.

Fragrance and Odour Control

To ensure that a hygienic and fresh smelling baby change area greets your visitors, your nappy bin will contain a unique, environmentally friendly, bactericidal powder which contains a mixture of components that counteract the germs and odours associated with nappy waste.

The bactericide also releases a pleasant fragrance into the air which also helps to repel insects in the warmer months.

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Why choose us

Here’s what you’ll get from us…

  • Brand new equipment including a foot pedal operated sanitary bin – This means a no touch user experience.
  • A liner exchange service which means you won’t have someone else’s scuffed and damaged bin after each service call.
  • Free of charge Duty of Care notes means you won’t get surprised by hidden extras at the end of the year.
  • All waste is incinerated in a waste to energy plant which means you’ll be helping our environment by not having your waste land-filled.
  • No long-term contract to sign – Just a yearly service agreement with easy exit terms.
  • A 90 Day money back guarantee - Should you not be absolutely delighted with any aspect of our services you’ll get your money back.
  • One to one point of contact – Should there ever be any queries, you can contact us directly and we will resolve them.
  • 100% proven service record to all of our clients.

Contact information

For all enquiries please send to:

The Vastum Group Ltd
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Tel: 01638 815464