Yes but what about hidden costs?

Worried about hidden costs when taking out a contract with us?

Many service companies in the washroom industry have for some time hidden the true cost of their charging to make you believe that when they give you a quotation for a sanitary bin service, they appear to be the cheapest around. However, key aspects of their charging are actually hidden at the outset. We simply don’t believe in this philosophy.

The things to look out for are:

  • Yearly waste transfer note charging – This is a legal requirement for your sanitary bin servicing, and some companies charge up to £75.00 for the privilege of supplying you with a document that takes 30 seconds to print and probably costs a few pence to produce!
  • Quarterly administration costs – Totally hidden at the outset and is something that is very frustrating for you, because what they are saying is they are charging you for paying them quarterly! 
  • If you’re in London, Congestion charges! – Believe it or not we have been shown invoices by customers that detail a fee towards the congestion charge. This is totally unacceptable behaviour, but it does go on.

All of these practices and more are beyond the pale when it comes to fostering good client relations. We have never and will never attempt to deceive you about any of our charges, now or in the future.
All of our quotations clearly highlight the cost of the service that you have enquired about.

If you don’t want to get caught up in legal wrangles with an errant supplier arguing about extra and excessive charges, we suggest you call or email us immediately and get an honest quotation from an honest company.

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